At the beginning of 2023 Latura joined and gave a new voice to PAINFUL. Growls and screams are reaching out right to your soul, completing the harsh and brutal sound of PAINFUL.


As the founder and therefore last remaining founding member of PAINFUL, Axx looks back at the longest periode of bandhistory since 2004.

With his unmistakable bass playing he gives depth to the music and prepares the distinctiv sound of PAINFUL.


Strong riffs, harsh rhythms and lots of passion is characterizing his way of playing the lead guitare!

Joining PAINFUL back in 2016, Farax is an inherent part of the band eversince.


Pounding the doublebass rhythm right into your mind and soul, Astaroth is conjuring the heartbeat of PAINFUL since 2013.

His tight drumming is a live-experience you won't forget!